New Trick to Hide Photos and Videos in WhatsApp Space

By | December 28, 2017

Today Almost all mobile phone users use WhatsApp. There are also some photos and videos on WhatsApp, in which they do not want to show anybody else and just want to limit themselves to them. Now people will get rid of this scandal and hide photos and videos on WhatsAppSpace in their gallery. There is no need to download an application separately for this.


Below Is the Step To hide Photos and Videos in Whatsapp

  1. First of all, the mobile manager will be able to open the file manager and go to the internal storage.
  2. Now you have to open the WhatsApp folder and you will have to open the folder named Media in the folder.
  3. After that, Rename the WhatsApp image to .(“dot”) WhatsApp image, and rename the WhatsApp video to .(“dot”) WhatsApp video. It means before the name of the folder a dot will be okay.
  4.  Now go to the settings of the phone and click on the apps manager. Here’s a clean-up on the gallery.
  5. Now go down and click on the clear catch.

Wattsapp photos and videos will not be visible if you are seen going to the gallery later.  Now this folder will not appear in your file manager.

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