Track Tweet Trend, Volume Using Twitter Analytics Tool

By | May 6, 2020

Here in this article I have covers best free Twitter analytics tool to track tweet trend, volume and pattern to get insights into any public Twitter profile. Here I have covered Account Analysis App that is free tool to evaluate Twitter accounts. This tool enables you to evaluate Twitter accounts. For example how automated they are, how many Retweets they post, or which websites they link to most often.

Twitter Analytics Tool

You can get all this information based on the recent 200, 400, and so on tweets. You can get daily tweet volume by date and week, tweet types, tweet languages, used hashtags, host name URLs, and more. It also shows which Twitter clients the account uses to access Twitter along with the Twitter users which are quoted and retweeted.

Use Account Analysis Tool To Track Tweet Trend, Volume

Account Analysis is a tool to evaluate social media accounts. Currently, it allows users to analyze Twitter profiles. It is used by journalists, academics, marketers and other individuals to quickly get an overview how a social media account is used and to drill deep into the data through cross-filtering.

Users can inspect various aspects of the account. For example, when and what type of content they publish, what accounts they interact with, and what websites they share. It works without any machine learning or AI magic. Instead, it presents the data in a way that enables people to interpret it. As a result, everything is understandable and reproducible.

For example, Using this tool you can keep an eye on the competition and predict their behavior.

Steps to get Tweet Analytics Data,

Step 1: Open Account Analysis App.

Step 2: Now Sign up to this Account Analysis tool using your Twitter account.

Step 3: After signup, you can simply search a Twitter account by username and get insight into that.

At the top, it shows the account information like a total number of tweets, liked, posts, followers, and following along with account age and unique user ID.

The Best Feature of Account Analysis Tool

  • Used Hashtags: It lists all the hashtags used and allows you to filter tweets.
  • Host names of URLs: It lists which host name URLs are mentioned in tweets and how many times.
  • Daily Rhythm: Shows when (time & day) the account is active on Twitter.
  • Replied Users: It lists the accounts to which the analyzed account writes most replies to.
  • Tweet Volume by Date: It shows how many numbers of tweets are published on what dates.
  • Day of Week: It shows on which weekdays the accounts in more active.
  • Used Interface: It lists all the interface where the Twitter account is used i.e., Desktop client, Mobile app, etc.
  • Quoted Users: It lists the accounts to which the analyzed account quotes most often.
  • Tweet Type: It shows the types of tweets i.e., tweet, reply, retweet, self-reply, and quote.
  • Retweeted Users: It lists the accounts to which the analyzed account retweets most often.
  • Language of Tweets: It shows how many tweets are published in which languages.

Using this way, you can get personalized insight into the account. For example, you can select a preferred tweet language and check out all the stats of tweets tweeted in that particular language. You can select any particular entry from any chart and the rest of the chart automatically adapt accordingly to show the relevant information. You can do this for any entry in any stat section.


It lets you personalize the results by picking the information that matters to you and easily filter out the unwanted information. This is useful for researchers and journalists to predict an account behavior Account Analyzer is a comprehensive Twitter analytics tool that helps you get complete insights into any public twitter profile.

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