Social Media Traffic vs Search Engine Traffic: Which Is Better?

By | October 9, 2018

When the question comes in your mind to driving traffic to your website, there are a variety of ways to get visitors. Two primary way from that you can not get easy traffic is search engine traffic and social media traffic. The main conflict is where to invest in marketing. According to my research the best marketing strategy, I realize that every website has a different user or customer or clients. There is no one single solution for all website or blogs.

Social Traffic vs Search Traffic

Which Is Better? Social Media Traffic Vs Search Engine Traffic

Reason for Social Traffic Better than Search Traffic

First, we look at the reason why you can choose Social MediaTraffic over Search Engine Traffic.

#1 Recommendations will happen with the click of the social page like

According to one research found that 75% of people used recommendations on social sites in product research before making a purchase. The peer recommendations will happen when someone likes your page, mentions your Twitter handle, or tags your brand name. So you must have the presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. When anyone likes your page then they will help your business to get more discovered by others with that perceived seal of approval.

#2 Easy to connect with the customer and Respond in the real-time

One of the bad problems when it comes to search engine result is that you can not do anything when someone gives bad reviews and other damaging articles about business but in social media, you can reply to your customers. Whenever anyone comments on your business on social media than you will have a chance to turn those complaints into compliments by responding back to them in real time.

#3 Easy to Buy Your Target Audience

This is a great way to generate traffic to your website, fans for your Facebook page, and visibility for your messages on social media platforms. For this we should thank Facebook Advertising, StumbleUpon Ads, Promoted Tweets, and other social media advertising, businesses can put their content in front of social media audiences.

Reason for Search Traffic better than Social Traffic

Now, we look at the reason why you can choose Search Engine Traffic over Social Media Traffic.

#1 Most of the People Look for Business on Search Engine

You can see about your own habits. Whenever you are looking for something like which is the best mobile company. To find this information where do you go first? I sure you will go to search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, Blekko, or one of the many other options available. This means that if you want to get discovered, you will want to rank well for your target keywords.

#2 Get Information about what People are Searching For

When we say about the search engine, you have a lot of great tools to use in your research of what people are searching for. For example, Google AdWords Keyword Tool is a great start in this process. For example, you can do research on which keyword is people searching more “mobile” or “smartphone” or “phone”. So according to it, you can do SEO for your business.

#3 Buy Sponsored Links Section of Google

In organic search results, you can’t make your business on to the top. you can always buy your way into the sponsored links section of Google using Google AdWords. The benefits of paid search listings are that you can customize your appearance in search results.

Why You Should Choose to Invest in Both Search and Social

I think you simply don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Above all the topic may make you believe that one strategy is better than another, there is one good reason you want to invest your time, money, and efforts into both search engine marketing and social media marketing.

If you want to see which is better for you then install Google Analytics on your website. Now go to your Traffic Sources > Sources > All Traffic. Then look at your top five traffic sources and ask yourself what would you do if you lost one of them.

How Search Engine Marketing Helps Social

Right usage of the keyword is important in social media. For example, if you want to know what to include in your Twitter profile’s bio, you can use Wefollow to see what keywords people tag themselves with. So you can’t find the specifics on how many people search for particular keywords on social media, you need to use different tools to get a good idea.

You can do On-Site Optimization for Social Media Traffic

Here on-site means on your own website, you can take the same theory for title tags, image alt tags, meta descriptions, and so forth to better optimize your social media profiles for search. For example, you can optimize Google+ for search.

All the social media profiles have some elements that we can customizable, for example, your profile’s name, description, or image that can be better for search optimization. You can use tools like Google Chrome’s SEO Site Tools on your own social profile. Hance when you logged out of the network so you can see the public display version viewable by search engines.

You must pay attention to the Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Image Tags, and H1 through H4 Tags to look which ones you can edit for keyword placement and better branding.

How Social Media Marketing Helps Search

Better Status Management

Do you want to show your brand entry in the first page of the search result or you want to create a strong brand presence in search? Social media profiles are your answer. Social profiles that generally rank well for businesses include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, FourSquare, and LinkedIn.

You can Confirm a Search Result

I have already said you according to one research 75% of the consumer’s research products before buying them through search engines. When you getting the interview call from any company that I haven’t heard then I will also go check out their Facebook page and Twitter account to see if they are active in their customer service.

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