Take Care of These Things Before Buying a Smartphone in the 2018 Year

By | April 1, 2018

We will tell you about the ongoing trends of the smartphone in 2018, which all the smartphone companies are trying in their product. After reading this news, you will be able to tell which feature should be on your new smartphone.

Smartphone 2018

Check Thing Before Buying a Smartphone in the Year 2018

Finger Print Feature

With the help of this feature, it is very difficult to hack the phone or steal the data. To increase security in the smartphone, manufacturers have introduced Finger Print Security for the users.

Face Recognition Feature

Face Unlock feature was preferred by the user, after which other smartphone companies also included this feature on their smartphone. The Face Recognition feature for security in Apple’s iPhone was presented to the users.

Dual camera

Users of the 24-megapixel given by Vivo for Self Photography have a great deal of choice. But now the single camera is not enough. Smartphones are now being delivered to 4 cameras.

Among the changes happening in smartphones, the maximum change has been about the camera feature. These include dual rear and front camera. In fact, with the help of the dual camera, there is great photo quality, as well as the phone’s camera gives photo quality even in different lights.

Wireless Charging

Following the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Samsung also introduced the Wireless Charging feature in its Galaxy S9 series. Many smartphones of LG and Google include Wireless Charging feature. In such a situation, more companies will be able to incorporate this feature into their smartphone.

A long-lasting battery

Must check battery capacity because in feature mobile app will come very power consuming. There are ways to boost the battery life of your gadget, but at the end of the day, a larger battery is going to last you longer. The iPhone 5S is around 10 hours and the Samsung Galaxy S4 brings up the rear at 9 hours. The Galaxy Note 3 has a respectable battery life at 12-16 hours of use, but it’s still well behind the Max.

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