Why is Shared WordPress Hosting Best for New Blogs?

By | January 11, 2020

The process of choosing web hosting for your site is the most difficult task for every person starting a new blog or internet marketing career. We have already advised you to stay away from free hosting exclusively because they have many limitations and issues, and in the end you will have to face a lot of technical troubles.

WordPress Hosting

If you are a new blogger and you have recently started the process of choosing your webhosting service, then I would recommend that you choose reliable, reputable and cheap shared hosting.

Many webhosting packages are available, such as shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting, and it is always confusing for new bloggers to find out which of these is the best option.

In this post, I will write specifically about which hosting package the new blogger should choose, and will tell about some top webhosting services for beginners which are cheap and reliable.

Which Web Hosting is best for a beginner blogger/webmaster?

In technical terms, webhosting can be divided into these categories: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Reseller and Cloud hosting. You can also classify them as Windows or Linux hosting.

Shared hosting is the best choice for any new blogger or webmaster who wants to start a website.

  • Initially the traffic of your site is less.
  • Shared hosting costs less than Dedicated, VPS hosting.
  • Most start up websites can be easily handled with shared hosting.
  • Most beginners bloggers are short of money and initially income is also low.

If in the future you need more server resources than what shared hosting provides, then you can easily upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting but before that optimize your site. To increase the speed of your site, you can optimize your database, remove orphan tables and remove plugins. I

Many believe that Shared hosting affects search engine ranking, but Matt Cutts, who is a Google web spam engineer, has confirmed in one of his recent videos that hosting does not affect environment ranking. But still, it is important for you to choose a reliable hosting service, which can give maximum uptime to your site.

Which Shared Hosting Lime for WordPress blog?

Honestly, these days most webhosting services offer amazing resources at low prices, but I always judge the webhosting service by its performance and customer support.

When you are dealing with a hosting, then it is important for you to have basic knowledge about FTP, SSH (in some cases), and any other changes that you will make from cPanel. Unfortunately, it is very common to have DDOS attacks and sites hacked, and you have to ensure that your server quality is absolutely capable of facing any such normal hacking attempt.

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