This Hint Gives The Battery Of Your Phone Before The Blast

By | March 20, 2018

Nowadays such incidents are heard so much that mobile blasts are occurring and it is proven to be quite fatal. The battery is the most common cause of any blast in the mobile. As our screens get bigger and phone more powerful, they need more energy, but most of us are unwilling to give up battery life or charging speed.

Battery Blast

List of the Reason for the Blast in Mobile Battery

Mobile battery flushing

If your mobile battery is flooding, then such a battery is harmful to the mobile circuit and if you want to prevent your mobile from the blast, separate the battery from the mobile.

When your smartphone is extremely hot

Whenever the battery starts getting warmer than it requires, you can not even touch it, then drain your battery from your mobile.

Buying Local Battery

Those who do not have any guarantees can also be dangerous for you. Some people buy local batteries for their mobile as local batteries can always risk, always choose a branded battery for their mobile.

During charging, do not press and hold the mobile screen or any part

Mobile should always be kept open at the time of charging so that the mobile does not overheat and it can get enough air. Some people keep their pillow down while charging the mobile, while doing this may prove dangerous.

Trying to repair the smartphone that was dropped into the water at home

We use smartphones everywhere. People use phones from toilet to dinner table, in such a way, falling into the water of the phone is quite common. In such a situation, instead of fixing the phone on the repair shop itself, it starts to become an expert and fix the phone. If the phone has gone inside the water and you are trying to fix it at home, despite all your efforts, there may be a short circuit in the phone and because of this, the battery of your phone can also be blasted. If you have not idea about smartphone part than do not repair mobile at home because it is dangerous.

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