Helpline Launched by RBI to Protect Customers from Fraud

By | December 25, 2017

The Reserve Bank has started the SMS campaign and the Missed Call helpline to alert women in the bank accounts of fraudulent frauds. The message being sent to the people by the central bank said, ‘Do not pay any taxes on the name of large cash receipt. The Reserve Bank or its governor or government does not make such e-mails, messages or calls at any time.

RBI Helpline

Helpline Number by RBI to Protect Customers from Fraud

The bank has started the Missed Helpline 8691960000 for extended information and help. After a missed call at this number, customers are called back in which the details are given in relation to such activities. These calls are also given to the relatives of the complainants of the cyber cell and local police station.

It is noteworthy that incidents of sedition like e-mail, message or call to people to get the award from the Reserve Bank or lottery seem to be rising. Such incidents are increasing now. In such incidents, cheating offers lure and demands a fee for the lottery or issue of reward money.

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