Google Allo: Instant Messaging Mobile App

By | November 16, 2017

Google Allo is an Instant Messaging Mobile App that developed by Google. It is initial release on September 21, 2016, and stable release on 14, April 2017. Google Allo is available for both version Android and iOS users. Allo is based on phone number not on email or social media. Allo is pre-installed on the pixel phone with sister app Google Duo.

Google Allo

Google Allo have artificial intelligence that helps you to give direction, a topic like news, travel and also message games. You can send images, video with custom designed stickers.

Before the launch of Google Allo, Google has thought about strong policy for app stored message in transient and non-identifiable form. But at the time of lunch rolled back this policy. Right now Allo has not interpreted video calling so there is not any video calling functionality. Google Allo have one standalone feature is Google Assitant.

The Feature of Google Allo App

1 Incognito Mode

This mode is an optional mode that includes expiring chats, private notification, and end-to-end encryption. It is not content and smart reply or Google assistant. It is the best feature of Allo app because our application security is increasing.

When your app is in incognito mode then it does not show any message notification that comes in Google Allo apps. If we receive sticker pack and we don’t have it then Allo will download automatically it from Google server.

2 Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant gives you meaningful information on the web like YouTube videos in the chat and provides fast information. You can ask a private question and virtual assistant will give an answer to it. For example, Cricket live score, weather information, hot news headline, language translator, show your latest email.

Another integrated service like YouTube, Maps, and translate comes with Google Allo Virtual Assistant. You need to add @google and your assistant is a help to you.

3 Smart Auto Message Reply

It is providing smart auto message reply when you are moving. It is optimizing our time. It will reply auto according to your routine habit and decide which reply will be best suitable for the sender.

4 Image Detection

Google Allo detect image content and reply back to the sender like “Yeah, It’s amazing.”. It has software to detect the image and recognize the image.

5 Large Message Size

You can send a large picture, message with a sticker that is custom designed. Other features of Google Allo are blocking a contact, doodle on images before send them, easy to annotate.

Steps to chat in private incognito mode

1 Open Google Allo.
2 Click Tap New Chat.
3 Start incognito chat or else Start group chat using incognito mode.
4 Select name from contact list to start a chat. There are searching functionality is also available.

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