Using This Trick Find Who and Where to Use Your Facebook Account

By | March 20, 2018

Logging into their social media accounts on different devices, getting information about which device was logged in and logged out on which device it becomes difficult. We are going to show you a trick which will tell you which logs of your Facebook account are not logged out.

Facebook Account Uses

Steps Find who and where Using Your Facebook Account?

Steps for the Laptop user

step 1: Login to your FaceBook account.
step 2: Click on the drop-down icon that is located on right-corner of your screen.
step 3: Go to the setting option.
step 4: In the settings, there will be a ‘Security and login‘ option.
step 5: Here you will get a section of ‘Where you’re logged in’.
step 6: If you are login from more then one place then it shows ‘See More’ option and Here you will get an option to log out all the devices.
step 7: From this trick, you will know where you have logged into a Facebook account and log out it for security.

Steps for the Mobile user

step 1: First of all, open your Facebook app on your smartphone, tap the 3 lines appearing in the top. In which you get the option of app setting.
step 2: Select the option in your account setting.
step 3: Then go to the ‘Security and Login’ option.
step 4: Here you will get a ‘Where you’re logged in’ option. In it, you will be shown a device where you have just logged in. You can click on ‘See more’ option to see all the devices.
step 5: All the devices list will appear to you only by selecting this option.
step 6: Under which you can get an option to log out where logged in.

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