How to Know Who Has Uploaded My Photo on Facebook

By | December 20, 2017

Facebook has launched a new feature for its users. These features have started in most countries. However, this feature Canada and the European Union will not be applicable. Facebook does not offer Face Recognition Technology here.

In this, if someone uploads your photo to Facebook, you will get a notification. After getting the notification, you can tag yourself in this photo or even ask that person to remove the photo.

Uploaded My Photo on Facebook

If users do not want to use the feature then they can keep it off. Facebook has called this feature a face recognition. Through this, the pixels of the photos are analyzed and the template is generated. As soon as photos and videos are uploaded to Facebook, Facebook identifies with its generated templates. The special feature of this feature is that if you upload your photo without tagging, or if you have anyone, this notification will also come.

Face Recognition Feature Will Help To Identify Uploaded Photo

Facebook has said, ‘We want people to post their photos on Facebook, they have the confidence that they should not be misused. Therefore, the Facebook profile will also use Face Recognition Technology for the photo. When will this feature come? According to Facebook, the company will soon use Facial Recognition Technology for profile photo safety.

However, there has been controversy regarding this feature. Some people believe that if billions of people have a scan of their face in one place i.e. with a company, then this can be the problem of security and privacy.

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