How to Download WhatsApp Status

By | March 5, 2018

If you have an Android phone, you can easily download WhatsApp status. If you follow these steps you can download WhatsApp status. If you go to the status section of WhatsApp, you can see the status of other users. This status will only last for 24 hours. After this, it will be deleted manually.


Steps to Download WhatsApp Status

  • First, go to your phone’s device storage.
  • Your Whatsapp Folder will be found in the device storage,
  • In the Whatsapp folder, click on the folder named Media
  • In the media folder, you go to More Settings.
  • Here you will find a hidden file option, which you have turned on.
  • After that, you will find a folder called Statuses in the WhatsApp folder.
  • Whatever the status of this folder will be downloaded.
  • The image and video will remain in this folder for 24 hours.
  • If you want to keep these images and videos for a long time, copy it to the WhatsApp Image Folder.
  • If you find any user’s WhatsApp statues are good, you can download this way.

What is WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp Status allows you to share text, photos, videos, and animated GIFs that disappear after 24 hours. In order to send and receive status updates to and from your contacts, both you and your contacts must have each other’s phone numbers saved in your address book.

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