Free Websites For Bulk Online File Sharing Without Any Size Limit

By | August 15, 2018

Sometimes we need to share the large file with our office colleague or friend but we don’t have space. Here I am going to share Free Websites bulk online file sharing service using that you can share bulk files with anyone and without any size limit. All your files are first compressed to create a single zip file and then a sharing link of that zip is generated. People with whom you have shared the URL can download those files as many times as they want until 24 hours. After that, the link and your files are expired/deleted from the server of this website. 

Online File Sharing Service

The “ShareFiles“ is provided online file sharing service. Using that service, you can share EXE, MP4, MP3, DOCX, PPT, ODT, or any other type of files, which is another handy feature. Here do not need any type of sign up. When the files are compressed and uploaded, you can share the URL and the other person can grab those files by downloading that zip file. Also, you can get access to all the shared links and delete any of those links.

Steps To Use This Free Bulk Online File Sharing Service Without Any Size Limit

Step 1: Go to ShareFiles homepage.

Step 2: Now select any file from your files or folder that you want to share. All the selected files are shown on its interface. You can see the size of each file separately and also the size of the zip file that will be created for sharing.

Note: If wrong files are added, then you can also reset everything and add files again.

Step 3: Click on a get link button for files sharing the link. A captcha can appear which you need to solve. After that, the service will compress those files and generate a sharing link. When the link is generated, you can copy it to the clipboard and share that link.

Note: Anyone who will open that link can see the list of all the files and download the zip archive.

To access the list of shared files and delete them manually, you can click on “MANAGE LINKS” option. This will show all the links generated by you and DELETE option for each link. If a link is no longer needed, simply delete that link.

If you are searching Bulk Online File Sharing Service then it is best. If you want to share temporary the large file with anyone and without any size limit then this service is best. Overall, the service is good to try and can come in handy when you have to share files with the remote user. The feature to compress files is also good as it will reduce upload and download time a bit, though upload and download also depend on the file size and internet connection.

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