Which Is Better For Bloggers: Affiliate Marketing Vs Google AdSense

By | July 14, 2018

Today everyone wants to make money from there website or blog. We have seen the majority of us fail to make a lot of money while a few other bloggers are making millions of dollars every year. You know why most bloggers are struggling to make more money? for this only one reason: they don’t know what monetization strategy to use on their blogs.

Affiliate Marketing Vs Google AdSense

There are many ways you can earn money online but there are only two major income sources 90% of the bloggers use.

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Google AdSense

Today we will discover you about which is better for affiliate marketing vs AdSense? Let’s start,

Which One Is The Best? Affiliate Marketing Or Google AdSense

4 Major Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing Compared to Adsense

According to my opinion affiliate marketing is the best way to make online because it allows me to earn money whenever I want. All you need to do is to set up a well-managed blog for sales and drive targeted visitor and promote the right product to make money. Here I am going to share some big reasons why you should use affiliate marketing compared to AdSense.

#1 You can make money when you sleep

It is the best way to earn money when you sleep. It’s the greatest passive income source for the majority of the bloggers and marketers.

For this, you need to pick up the right products and promote them, drive targeted traffic to see your ads and you will be making money every time they buy from you. You don’t request people to buy the product from you or spend money to increase your sales.

If you choose the right products that suit your target audience then you will make money even while you are sleeping.

#2 Build Trust First and then Make Money Next

Trust is the heart of affiliate marketing. If people trust your product then they sure purchase it from your blog.

Affiliate marketing can help you keep your visitors stay on your blog whereas AdSense kills your readership. Check out this image below to understand better about it.

#3 No Need of Huge Traffic

I don’t need more traffic on my site. Even with a couple of thousands of visitors seeing my site, I can make a decent income from affiliate marketing.

On affiliate marketing, you will get huge commissions if I choose the products carefully. Here I add the right value of the product and recommend it to my audience for the right product. So it’s a win-win approach.

#4. You Can Be Your Own Boss

Set up the right products, build the right audience and promote it accordingly to increase your affiliate sales.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t need anything else to start promotion. To make money from AdSense, you need approval from Google. Only then you can make money from it.

So here’s where affiliate marketing clearly wins the race.

4 Benefits Of Google AdSense Compared to Affiliate Marketing

For 99% of the bloggers will start making money from AdSense. You can not make money the easiest way from AdSense but it is undoubtedly the fastest way to earn money online.

If you run microsites or blogs then Google AdSense is hands down the best money making the source.

#1 Fastest Way To Make Money Online Using AdSense

Google Adsense is the quickest and reliable way to make money from your blogs. Drive enough visitors from search engines to your sites, use AdSense ads and you will be making decent money every month.

Compare to AdSense affiliate marketing takes a lot of time to Make money. You can’t make affiliate sales within a month or two especially when you have zero online marketing skills. Here AdSense comes into play. And that’s the beauty of AdSense.

#2 No Need Any Online Expertise

We all know building online expertise takes a lot of time. AdSense allows you to quickly make money and all you need is the decent amount of traffic coming from search engines to your sites.

When you are using Google AdSense you don’t need any an expert in your field. Thousands of new bloggers without any expertise in their fields are launching new sites and making money from AdSense.

#3 No Need for Any Product

Google AdSense takes care of everything. you don’t need to find any “perfect products” to promote. Once you apply for AdSense and get approved your account, you can find relevant ads to place on your sites to grow your AdSense earnings.

#4. You Don’t Need Any Special Skills

Why would you need special skills when you can create some good content that gets you enough traffic and increase your AdSense earnings.

I’ve seen so many new bloggers launching new sites and making money from AdSense. Give importance to your audience, create good content around their needs, do proper on-page optimization and you can easily increase your AdSense income.

Below are a few tips to become successful at Google AdSense.

  • The more you test about your AdSense ad spaces, banners, and placement the better earnings and clicks you can get.
  • Don’t buy AdSense accounts from others.
  • Don’t go for shortcuts.

Below are a few tips for successful affiliate marketing.

  • While writing product reviews, don’t sound like a salesman.
  • Only choose particular products that you either personally use or love.
  • Master the art of copywriting. How you write your sales copy is what helps you increase your affiliate product sales.

Conclusion About Google AdSense Vs Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing Vs AdSense both are two highly used and widely popular income sources for the majority of the bloggers. So focus on increasing your search engine traffic and use AdSense to make some money.

Once you are making some money with AdSense, try to build your own readership by also recommending the products you personally use. That way you can use both affiliate marketing and AdSense to make more money from your sites.

If you have decent traffic, you can monetize your site in multiple ways.

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