Top 5 Websites Like YouTube To Upload Videos

By | January 22, 2019

If you are a video blogger or you have a video of your product and you want to monetize that. If your answer is yes, this post is going to be highly useful for you. YouTube is one of the best video sites in the world and the most popular YouTube videos have racked up billions of views.

Websites Like YouTube

These days, the video is such a huge part of the online experience. What if YouTube happens to be inaccessible? What alternative video sites are there? Here are some great alternatives to YouTube, although the “better than” is obviously open to debate.

Top 5 Websites Like YouTube To Upload Videos

#1 Vimeo

They have both free & paid plans. Usually, brands prefer to host their videos on Vimeo. Vimeo features a number of well-known movies and TV series. The site also has an easy-to-browse search feature that organizes videos by category and channel. One interesting thing about Vimeo is that you can upload videos directly using Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive & Box.

Visit Vimeo: Click Here

#2 Metacafe

Metacafe is a video site that specializes in short-form video content. One of Metacafe’s strengths is its simplicity with a menu bar that links to “latest,” “popular,” and “trending” videos. Those who want to take a deeper dive can click the drop-down menu on the left.

Visit Metacafe: Click Here


In the 9GAG website, most of the content is fun and frivolous. The 9GAG as a collection of all things fun and goofy: GIFs, funny photos, memes, gaming videos, anime, and the like. In fact, the site’s tagline is, “Go fun yourself”.

Visit 9GAG: Click Here

#4 TED

TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). Some of the talks are funny, and some are emotional. The one constant with all the TED videos, however, is that you’re likely to take something memorable out of each one.

Visit TED: Click Here

#5 MySpace

Myspace is a social networking website offering an interactive. MySpace site is still around, and these days it’s putting a stronger emphasis on video. Many of the videos on MySpace are interview-based and feature celebrities.

Visit MySpace: Click Here

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