How to Increase 4G Speed in Your Smartphone

By | January 7, 2018

We are talking about the setting of smartphone here that will increase your 4G SIM speed. These settings allow you to apply from Jio to Airtel and Vodafone network. For this, you have to go to the phone’s setting. You also have to keep the phone’s data off while setting this setting.

Increase 4G Speed

Steps To Increase 4G Speed In Your Smartphone

Step 1- Go to the phone’s setting and go to the Cellular Network. Most phones will get this More option. Select the SIM card which is to run 4G. Now click on Acess Point Names. Click on the name of the SIM card which will appear when you use the data.

Step 2- A list of settings will be open. Click on Server. There is nothing written on it. Ok here by typing

Step 3- Now scroll down to Authentication type. Here you will see none. Make it PAP.

Step 4- Going down, you will get an option for the APN type, Default in it.

After turning on all these settings, you do not have to back up. Click on the three dots shown above. Click here to see the Save option. Settings will be saved. Now your phone’s 4G speed will increase in advance.

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