4 Free Websites to Create Online 3D Graphing

By | November 19, 2018

In this article, I have listed 4 Free Websites to Create Online 3D Graphing. Each website on this list has some good and unique features also. Using this website you can build solids, plot surfaces, graph functions, points, vectors, etc., depending on the feature provided by the website. The 3D graph is visible separately and you can also do the changes and update the graph. You can download the 3D graph as an image, PDF, SVG, etc. You can also save the graph online.

Online 3D Graphing

Best 4 Free Websites to Create Online 3D Graphing

#1 GeoGebra

This is the free online math tools for graphing, geometry, 3D, and more. It comes with a lot of features which make it stand apart from the crowd. While previewing your 3D graph, you can also set options for 3D Graphics. For example, it is possible to show/hide planes, axis, grid, change projection type, change the background color, etc. Using this website, you can plot a new 3D graph, save a graph online, and export graph as a PNG image.

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#2 Intmath

Intmath.com give you a separate 3D graphics tool. Here You can enter your own function of x and y using simple math expressions. You need to select a function using the drop-down menu and it will present preset values and graph based on the selected function. You can vary the x- and y- lower and upper limits using the sliders below the graph. Here, you can’t save a graph online or download it. The website is only helpful for practice and test purposes. You can show/hide axes, mesh, floor, etc., for the graph.

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#3 Mathpix

Nice Option for 3D graphing is Mathpix. You can plot points, parametric, equation, vectors, and vector field. It is possible to add many items but the output might not come as expected. So my suggestion is, it would be good to plot a graph with one or two items. This website also brings zoom in and out options for a 3D graph. The 3D output is visible on the right section on its interface.
You can export the graph as a 3D file.

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#4 CPM 3D Plotter

CPM 3D Plotter has a nice interface. Here you can graph planes and points. The website is not helpful to plot other graphs but a handy option to plot 3D points and 3D planes graph. You can’t download the graph but it lets you save graph online. Your saved graph is stored publicly. On the interface, there is a left section to add values and plot the graph.

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The Conclusion:

So, in terms of features, “GeoGebra” is the best. Because they provide facility to create and save graphs to PC, download graphs as SVG and other supported document formats, share graph, and more.

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