Five Thing to Remember During Taking Health Insurance Plan

By | August 7, 2019

Buying the right Health Insurance Policy is not an easy task to fulfill your needs. In today’s time, you can buy health insurance plans online within a few seconds. Many times people buy Health Insurance Plans in the early stages without reading the terms of the plan. Later they have to take advantage of this. Today, we are telling you about some common mistakes that should be avoided when buying a health insurance plan.

Health Insurance

5 Important Things to Remember During Taking Health Insurance Cover

Do not compromise plans of insurance companies

You should not rely on one insurance company for a health insurance plan. Assuming you have taken a health insurance plan from an insurance company, even at the time of renewal, you have the option that you can compute the plan and its benefits of all insurance companies, if you think that you have a different insurance company If you are giving, you should take the plan of the second insurance company.

Whether cashless hospitalization is a feature

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Cashless hospitalization means that you may be admitted to the hospital if needed and the insurance bills will be paid by the insurance company. Many times people compromise on this feature and think that they will raise money and get treatment and later the insurance company will reimburse the expenditure on treatment.

Do not read plan terms carefully

But generally, people do not pay attention to the terms of the plan, which is not covered in the policy. It is important to know what is covered in the policy but you also need to know which things are not covered in your plan.

Do not give the correct medical information

When purchasing a health insurance plan, it is necessary to give the insurance company correct information about pre-diagnostic disease ie the disease you already have. Besides, if you have any medical problem, then you should tell the insurance company about it.

Not enough coverage

Generally, when a health insurance plan decides to buy a plan, the premium of the plan plays an important role in it. Many times people take fewer coverage plans to save on spending on premiums. Just like someone needs Rs 5 lakh coverage but due to excessive premium, the person takes a plan of Rs 3 lakh for coverage. Plan premium is an important factor, but only on the basis of expenditure on premium, the choice of plan.

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