Chanakya say men should never tell these things to anyone



Important Sentence by Chanakya: Learn from the mistakes of others, you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves.

We all know that Acharya Chanakya was a very intelligent and resolved man. If a person follows the policies of Acharya Chanakya, he never has to face more difficulties in life. The fool man tells many people about his life and shares many stories. For this, the man has to suffer the consequences of this.  He was an adviser, strategist, author and politician. Today we will tell you some chapters of Acharya Chanakya which any man should know.

1. If a man has a loss of money, then he should not tell anyone about this. And this thing should not even tell her family member. If someone knows about your bad economic situation, then they will start joking instead of helping you. It is true that people in this country ask us only for money. By this way, you should keep these stories in your favor.

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2. Chanakya says that no man should ever tell anyone about his misery. If you tell someone your grief, they will start screaming. And there is no shortage of fun in this world. So, the pain increases rather than the lower corner.

3. Chanakya says that men should keep the secret of their wife’s saris as confidential. The wise man is the one who is keeping his wife confined to his own self. And you should never tell anyone living in your house. If you tell anyone about these things then you will have to face the consequences of this in the future.

4. If someone below you insults you, you should not tell anyone about this. If you share such an incident with anyone, people will make fun of you and laugh at you. If you tell someone you can lose your mind and honor. From this, you can have a letter of insult by the people.

5. Always an educated person gets respect everywhere. Education is a good friend. Good education takes place in the beauty and youth.

6. Before you start any work, you ask yourself three questions – why am I doing this, what will I get the result of and will be successful? If you find answers to these questions, then go ahead.

7. As soon as you come near the fear, attack and destroy it.

8. You do not give your property worthy and others, always the sea water obtained by the clouds is sweet.

9. Never be friends with those who are up or down in a situation such friendship will never give you any happiness.

10. If the snake is not poisonous, then it should pretend to be venomous.

11. Always a sensible person should learn from the mistakes of others. You can not stay enough to make them all for a long time.

12. All people in this world are born alone and die alone. And he pays for his good and bad deeds himself and he alone goes to hell or heaven. That is why the man should always keep his karma properly. Do not run away from it.

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