Inside this person ‘superpower’, iron to phone sticks to his body


Magnetic Man (Muhibija Buljubasic) said that the address of this happened only a few days ago when he was doing similar work with his son in connection with the dishes. The 56-year-old said his body gives off a “special energy”. One day I was having dinner with my son, then we did it. A knife with a thorn kept on the plate of the plate stuck to my body. I was surprised to see that my son began to touch other things with my body and he even sticks to my body.


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You will be surprised to know that this person not only sticks iron but also sticks to TV remote, plastic goods, and mobile phones. He claims that he has the power to paste his body, not only the leather, knife and other items of the kitchen but also the items of metal without any metal. All this is in the movie like you must have seen and you will also remember the character of Magneto who would stick everything in the metal to his body. Something like this is also the Muhibija Buljubasic, who called himself a ‘magnetic man’.

Some time ago a video of a 5-year-old boy came out. The boy was shown sticking three spoons, one fork and 13 coins on his body. His name was Erman Derrick. In the year 2013, Libre Elchayev of Georgia broke the world record by clinging to the highest body of Chammas. He had plucked 53 teaspoons on his neck and chest and stuck the person sitting in the car’s hood with his body. It is worth mentioning that such cases have already emerged before.

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