Know about this young man who told himself the inhabitants of Mars

Boriska Kipriyanovich

Today, we are going to tell you something similar that you probably will not be able to believe for a moment, but the news is true. Nowadays, many such things come to light that not only is a common man but also a scientist. Something happens that forces everyone to think that what really happens is whether it really is true or just unfamiliar.

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When we talk about Mars, all of us are standing, many of the information about the Mars is revealed by the scientists. But 20-year-old Boriska Kipriyanovich has forced scientists from around the world to think. Actually, a 20-year-old man says that he is a resident of Mars and that his second birth on Earth has been done. For your information, let us know that 20-year-old Boriska is a resident of Russia. It is believed that this young man has amazing astronomical knowledge. This is the reason that astronomers are also surprised about it.

Boriska’s mother says that Boriska is quite different. After growing up, it started to talk about something which we never told it to. In a year, Boriska started reading and at the age of 2, she started writing. In two and a half years the painting started.

Surprisingly, Boriska began talking about aliens and their civilization at a very young age. He tells that Martians still live on Mars. Whose length is about 7 foot? Those people use carbon dioxide to breathe. Boriska said that the civil war ended because of the nuclear war on Mars.

Boriska said that Martians of Mars never die and their age is up to 35 years, not more than that. They can roam anywhere in space. Boriska said that he was also a Martians pilot and he had already come to Earth.

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