VIDEO: The trailer release of Kapil Sharma’s film ‘Firangi’, kick the British



The trailer shows that Kapil Sharma’s character lives in a village in Punjab, which is very much loved by the British. Comedy King Kapil Sharma is once again going to bang on the big screen. In the trailer of his second film Firangi, a glimpse of before 15th August 1947 i.e. Independence. In the trailer for the film, Kapil Sharma is keen to overcome the pain of the British. The film’s motion poster also featured a kick-out scene. He gets a job with the British but the villagers do not like him. There are many comedy scenes in the trailer.

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Firangi is being released on 24th November. On the dispute with Sunil Grover, Kapil said, “I did not fight with Sunil, I love him so much. I was quite upset and the same thing became news. It is believed that after the release of Firang, Kapil will again bring a comedy show on the small screen. At the moment Kapil will go to many cities soon for the promotion of his film.

His first film was ‘Kiss-kiss ko-love Karu’. Kapil’s movie earned more than 100 crores. Kapil released the trailer in front of the media on Tuesday. This is Kapil Sharma’s second film. On the occasion of Firangi’s trailer launch, Kapil Sharma was very excited. He said that like his first film, this film is also comedy based but there is a message in this movie, for which you will have to wait for the film to be released.

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In the role of Punjabi girl, Monika Gill has made Kapil’s heroine in this film. In the poster of the film, Kapil has been seen going on an open motorbike for the British era. How twist comes in the story of the film and how Kapil takes revenge from the Firangi, you can take a little bit of this by looking at the trailer. On the occasion of the trailer release, Kapil said, “I have been shooting the film but a little bit because I had money.” After a long time back on the big screen, Kapil said, ‘I was looking for a different project. The story of Firangi is different. ‘

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