Tips To Block Any Number On Android And iPhone

By | January 1, 2018

It is also easy to get rid of unwanted calls as it is easy to connect with somebody from a smartphone. We will tell you today how you block or unblock a number of Android and iPhone devices. This tips will more helpful for the girl who is getting the unwanted fake call.

Block Number On Android

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Number blocks to do this on iPhone

  • Open the phone app and go to call history
  • The number you want to block, go to it and press on ‘I’ information.
  • Click ‘Block this collar’ to scroll down.
  • Click on the block and the number will be blocked.

Unblock this to do on iPhone

  • If you can see a list of blocked numbers in the iPhone then go to Settings again by clicking on the blocks and clicking on the block, you will come on the list of blocked numbers.

Below are the steps to block on Android smartphones

  • Click on the phone’s signature to call your device.
  • Now go to Call Log/Call History.
  • Long press on the number you want to block here.
  • Then there will be a drop-down menu, select the block number in it.
  • You will then have a confirmation message that you will not get text messages or calls from the number.
  • Tapping on the block will block that number.

Below are the steps to unblock this on Android mobile

  • To view the list of blocks number in Android phone, first open the phone app.
  • There are three dots, click on
  • Go to settings, there will be an option for call blocking.
  • Here you will find a list of blocked numbers.
  • If you want to remove any number from the list, click on the cross in front of you.

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