Photos: Some Interesting facts about PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi was born in Vadnagar in Gujarat to a common family. From his childhood, Narendra Modi was fearless. And he had dreamed of going to the army. He wanted to learn in Sainik School in Gujarat in his childhood. But there was something else written in his fate. Making tea in the country by making tea is a very interesting thing. Today, we will tell you something in the bar of Narendra Modi that nobody has ever told him.


Narendra Modi was born on December 17, 1950, in Vadnagar by Damodara das Mulchand Modi and Hiraben. Narendra Modi was a general student at the school. Narendra Modi used to fall in the Bhattacharya Narayanacharya School.

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Between India and Pakistan During the 1965 war, Narendra Modi had served tea to the soldiers passing through the station. Not only that, he had to go to the camp and arrange for the soldiers’ lines.

In his childhood, They were called as Naria. They are the second number of children with 5 siblings. Narendra Modi’s father had a tea shop at the railway station.


He was married to Jashoda Ben Chimanlal at an early age, but due to family problems, he decided to leave his house in 1967 and take retirement.


They wanted to become a saint since childhood. From childhood, the sadhus were influenced by the saints. To make a monk, They escaped from home following the school’s instruction. During this time Modi roamed many places including the Ramakrishna Ashram of West Bengal.


They were unknowing since childhood, it can be estimated from the point that he once caught the horse from the nearby Talab and brought him home. However, after the mother’s statement, she came back to her and left her.


They have done a three-month course related to management and public relations in the US.

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