Know Why ‘Bhim App’ of PM Modi Becoming More Popular

No cash in the country since the ban on bondage, a problem remains. People are passing without cash to deal with this problem. Many people have resorted to digital payments for cash problems. Due to this, the Indian government has also launched a new app called Bhim. Which has gained quite a popularity in a short time? The Google Play Store has also given the Bhim App 4.1 rating.

Can buy using ‘Bhim App’

Linking a bank account with Bhima App can make a purchase or any kind of transaction. In order to make a payment from the app while shopping, just need the shopkeeper’s mobile number.

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QR code also has options

There is also the facility of payment in the app through scanned and QR codes.

Direct transaction

Bhima App directs your transaction directly between the seller and the bank account. There is no third party in it.

Use without internet

There is no need for internet to use the Bhima app. It can be used in a normal phone.

App linked to a bank account

Bhima App is directly connected to your bank account. You can transfer money directly into your account.

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