Nobel Prize 2017: US scientists get Nobel Prize in Physics


In the field of physics, three scientists of America jointly gave the Nobel Prize in Physics to Ryan Weiss, Barry C. Berish, and Kipps S. Thorn. On Tuesday the Nobel Prize Committee announced that these three will be given this award to discover the gravitational waves.

These three American scientists discovered the existence of gravitational waves and proved the fact that Albert Einstein’s centuries-old theory is true. These three scientists were associated with the laser interferometric gravitational wave observation i.e. the Lego Research Project, which found success in proving the theory of astronomic gravitational relativity true. Now on Wednesday, the names of the names of the Nobel Prize winners of literature on Chemistry, the literature on Thursday and Friday will be announced.

All three scientists will be honored jointly for the study of laser interfaith gravitational-wave observer (Ligo) detector and gravitational waves. During the announcement, the Nobel Committee said that this year this award has been given for the search, which surprised the whole world.

Rhineer is associated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, while Barry Barish and Kip Thorne are associated with the California Institute of Technology. In September, these three scientists played a key role in the discovery of gravitational waves. After several months when this search was announced, the sensation was spread not only in physicists but also in the general public.

This award is given in the memory of Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel on behalf of the Nobel Foundation. This award was started in 1901. Nobel Prize is the world’s highest award given in the fields of peace, literature, physics, chemistry, medical science, and economics. In the form of this award, the winners are given the amount of 1.4 million dollars along with the citation.

A total of 214 people have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine since 1901. Of these, there are only 12 women, out of which only one woman Barbara McClinton did not share this award with anyone. He was awarded this award in the year 1983. So far no Indian has got the Nobel Prize in medicine.

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