Research: After the age of 35 happiness in job is lost

You must have heard many people saying that they started hating their Naukri. Your job does not like any person. There are very few people like this. Who loves his job A survey of 2000 people by Human Resource firm Robert Half UK was proven in that it was proven that much British were on the job after 35 years of age. Do not feel happy. It was also proved that 33% of people over 55 years of age feel that their work has no value. Some 16% believed that they did not have any friends in the office. It is very important to get a job in order to complete the tension of the house, the cost of children’s education, the food and the things that come in every need. The way you work hard to get a job, at the same time, it also happens when you get annoyed with your job.

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Experience gives happiness

We all sometimes get very upset with our daily Naukri 9 to 5. So it is common to have a complaint with the job. The job is something like this that sometimes we feel disturbed and leave many times to leave home and leave home. According to Hewey Research in the US, nearly 75% of Employees are not interested in work during their office hours.

At the same quarter, only about quarter of the age of the 18-35-year-old admitted that he had stress in the workplace. This happens when high ranking employees can not advance their careers, they feel that they are not growing.

Research also revealed that those who are of higher rank or rank are more stressed. And the good thing in all of these is that the 35-year-old people have also thought that they are using their experiments better now. And today their influence is more on the worker. He finds pleasure in him.