Know according to Acharya Chanakya some bitter truth of life


Acharya Chanakya

Acharya Chanakya was the very great scholar. He mentioned the experiences gained from his life in Chanakya policy. His policies were as current as it was in the earlier times. By implementing Chanakya policies, the person lives happily. Chanakya has mentioned some of the bitter truths of life in his policies that make the person aware of the truth. These policies also protect the person from waste.

# Once you start working on something, do not be afraid of failure, those who work honestly, they are most happy.

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# Learn from the mistakes of others, you cannot be enough to make them everything.

# A student should be serious about learning and do not waste time in idle jokes or make fun of others for lack of resources.

# Overlapping is the symptom of laziness, a lazy person loses many chances.

# People should not tell their secret to anyone. This habit can be a reason for its waste because another person can interfere with your secret knowledge.

# The person should keep his children in good spirits for 5 years. It should be kept under surveillance for the next 5 years. When the child is 16, you should make friends with him.

# According to Acharya Chanakya, the person should not be more honest than needs. Just like the straight stem trees are cut first, in the same way, honest people in life have to suffer the most.

# Giving a gift to the greedy man, by adding a hand to the harsh person, honoring the fool and speaking the truth to the scholars can be satisfied only.

# According to Chanakya, there is no selfishness behind every friendship. Most people just love others for their selfishness. This is a bitter truth but this is the truth.

# Money after suffering a lot of hardships, after accepting their religion, accepting others and accepting their persecution, should not accept it.

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