Kadvi Hawa Trailer: Sanjay Mishra and Ranvir Shorey film will be released on November 24

The story of the film is of Drought-hit Bundelkhand, and it is based on a true story. Neel Madhav Panda’s ‘bitter wind’ is in Sanjay Mishra’s lead role, along with Ranvir Shorey. We can see in the trailer, Ranvir Shorey is saying how his home and village Samundar swallowed and his father, who has been drowned in the sea, lives in Ranvir Shorey Orissa, whose family members break the sea’s oceans. The film has tried to reduce the double impact of climate change. Sanjay Mishra has told Ranvir in the trailer that the wind is a great blessing for you, water and water are everywhere. In fact, global climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation and there is a constant war of humanity against ecology and environment.

Sanjay Mishra is in the role of a farmer. Sanjay Mishra, Ranveer Shorey and Tilottama sham’s ‘Kadvi Hawa’ are being released on November 24. During the 64th National Film Awards, there was an extraordinary discussion of this film due to the strong story and strong acting. Climatic changes and global warming have become quite popular words due to changes in the Earth’s climate. Blue Madhav Panda, keeping in view the drought of Bundelkhand region, has made a film ‘Kadvi Hawa’ seriously on the impact of climate change.

They will tell us what we have done for the Earth and if we do not improve it then be prepared to see what can happen and to look even worse and more horrific days. By looking at the movie trailer, it is clear that the film will be informed, not an entertainer. Kadvi Hawa Director Neela Madhav Panda had stepped into Bollywood with ‘I Am Kalam’, which was critically acclaimed by the reviewer. This movie produces those scenes that have seen the first eyes, made great films like Masaru, Dhankar, and Newton.

In every scene of the trailer, you find it difficult, especially in a village where children are not even monsoon as the weather. On one hand, water in Odisha is the reason for the devastation, on the other hand, there is no water in Bundelkhand. The area of Bundelkhand is made in this film, but its effect is very big. This scene leads to trailer problems. The trailer includes a school class scene in which the teacher asks the children about the weather, then the child tells the weather and the weather as the weather. Teacher asks that the rainy season is that where the monsoon is gone, the child responds that rain occurs only in two to four days. The girl asks Sanjay Mishra that in her book, four sessions have been written in the year, why does the boy explain in school two sessions? Sanjay Mishra says that happens before, it does not happen anymore.

Kadvi Hawa



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