IRON MAN is not only hero in movie but also in real life Tony Stark is Hero

Tony Stark

Robert Downey the real name of the role of Tony Stark in the IRON MAN movie. To give you Tony Stark is the world’s most acclaimed artist. Hollywood star Robert Downey has won fame with an on-screen depiction of Charlie Chaplin. Today we will tell you the funniest stories about Sherlock Holmes and Marvel’s popular hero IRON MAN.


Charlie Chaplin Tony Stark
Downey Jr. has started acting from his father’s film Pound (1970), he started at the age of five.


Tony Stark

Robert Jr. Has participated in many of his father’s films. After his parents divorced, he grew up in many places in Europe. Robert Jr. Spent his childhood in New York, Connecticut, Paris, London, Vermont, and California. He left the school to make an actor at the age of 17.


Tony Stark

Robert Downey became a member of Junior Brat Pack, a group of American artists in the United States. The first few jobs of Robert Downey were to work at the Basing Table and Concierge Store. And Females used to perform in the underground club.

Sarah Jessica Parker was Robert Downey Jr.’s first love. Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey met on the sets of ‘Firstborn’, lived together for seven years before dividing alcohol and drug abuse.

His first role was in 1987 when Downey played Julian Wells. This proved to be a demonstration of their success. The ‘Avengers’ and ‘Iron Man 3’ starring Robert Downey Jr. has earned more than $ 1 billion each.


Robert Downey Jr

Robert left school for his acting. And till date, he is not graduating in high school. Robert supports donations Robert Bacho’s hospice hires a day at Julia House. In March 2015, Robert presented his Bionic Iron Man to his seven-year-old fan Alex.


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