Many important changes made by ICC in Cricket rules



The ICC, which governs the World Cricket, has made significant changes in some rules to make the three formats of the game even more interesting. New rules will come into effect from September 28. According to the new rules, the sledding made by any player on the field can be very heavy. Now, due to poor behavior in the field, the penalty can also be suspended from the entire match along with five runs in the form of a penalty. All these changes have been made by the cricket lawmaker, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC).

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According to the ICC, the size of the bat will be controlled. Now bat width will not exceed 108 mm, thick 67 mm and more than 40 mm on the corners. Use the umpire bat gauge (measurement instrument) to prevent cricketers from using the rules of big balls.

The rule of runout has also been changed. Now if the bat is in the air after crossing the crease then the batsman will not be given out. Whereas in such a situation the batsman was given out. According to the new rules, if the referral for LBW comes back as ‘umpires call’ then the team will not lose its review.

After the first 80 overs in Test cricket, 2 review teams were found. But according to the new rules, the team will now get only 2 DRSs. In T20 cricket the ICC has allowed the DRS to be used. Some such changes have been made in the new rule.

ICC’s General Manager (Cricket) Geoff said that most of the changes in ICC’s play rules have been made as a result of the change of cricket rules announced by the MCC. We have recently completed the workshop with the umpires to ensure that they understand all the changes and we are now ready to start the new rules in international matches.

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