Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Airtel subscribers start getting benefits, remaining data starts transferring to the next bill

Postpaid customers of Airtel will not have any worries about not using data prescribed in a bill cycle this month. Indeed, Airtel had promised last month that it will launch the Data Rollover Program from August 1

This offer is now available to every customer. By the way, some customers had started benefiting from this offer earlier. Airtel had already informed that the data rollover facility is only for postpaid customers. It's prepaid or broadband customers.

How works the Airtel Data Rollover Program

For example, a postpaid customer of Airtel receives 10 GB of data per month in its plan and has consumed only 8 GB of data in July. In this case, the remaining 2 GB data will be added to the next month's balance, i.e. the customer will be able to use 10 or 12 GB data in the month of August. 

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The remaining data will automatically be added to the next month's bill. There will be no need to contact Airtel for this. Benefits from Aerial Data Rollover can be checked in the Myeartlet app. This telecom company will provide information through a SMS in the beginning of every billing cycle that how much data has become part of the next bill.

This program is part of Airtel's Project Next. By the way, there is also a limitation of data rollover. Users will be able to transfer 200 GB of data to the next bill. Data booster backs are part of this offer. Smartbites, pre-on-post and GB plans are not part of it every day. If a customer is on a family plan then the remaining data can be shared by every family member.

It is worth noting that if the customer upgrades to the cheap plan then the remaining data will not be part of the next bill. In such a situation, you should keep in mind that while the cost of the new plan is more than the old plan, then the data rollover program will be able to benefit.

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